Dear Colleagues,


It will be a unique honor and pleasure to host FoodMicro 2020 in Athens, Greece.
The conference will be accommodated in facilities of outstanding architectural and functional quality in the Center of Athens, in close proximity to hotel accommodations.


I am confident that the aura of the Hellenic millennia – old intellectual heritage together with the Next Generation Challenges in Food Microbiology , will have a positive impact on the enthusiasm of the delegates’ participation and the productivity and success of the Symposium.


The opportunities to explore the rich heritage of our historic city, in which the foundations of the most cherished principles of our western civilization were born 2500 years ago, are truly limitless. We look forward to welcoming you all in Athens, September 2020!!!


George-John Nychas



Organised by

International Committee on Food Microbiology
and Hygiene

Under the auspices

Hellenic Scientific Society of Mikrobiokosmos